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For Women Ready To Reclaim
Their Body From Prolapse



Womankind Prolapse Restore

A 6-month online programme for women ready to reclaim their body and their life from prolapse symptoms using holistic whole body strategies.


Executive Health Coaching

1:1 health coaching for professional women ready to shift from hormonal flux to hormonal harmony so she can live her best life throughout her power years


The Embodied Female Pelvis Certification

Professional level programme for birth workers, yoga teachers and health professionals

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Transformative Journeys

Alex, 37

100% pain resolution after years of seeing various practitioners – I can’t believe it!

Marie, 44

My husband and I are dancing around the sitting room, we would never have done that before.


Catherine, 46

I don’t know what I would have done without you, your work has changed my life and my future.


Rebecca, 52

You took me on a journey from body-hatred to body-love and now I can look forward to having intimate future relationships.


Sarah, 55

My libido and my marriage is so much better thanks to you.


Rachel, 35

The burning pain has gone and I am ready to start trying for a baby.


Lucy, 40

I was told I had interstitial cystitis, but you taught me how to heal my body deeply


Lisa, 42

So many gynaecological traumas resulting in me rejecting my body – you showed me how to finally feel ease, function and most importantly deep love myself again xxx


Laura, 38

Years of medical investigations with no answers leaving me feeling betrayed, thank you for hearing me and giving me the freedom to live without surgery, that is priceless.


Anna, 31

I wish I had met you years ago, then I wouldn’t have been through the destructive medical interventions that left me worse – all women need your wisdom.


Helen, 35

Lois gave me my life back.


Becca, 44

Lifelong period pain, heavy bleeding and disgust for my body completely transformed

Lois Bickerton

Lois Bickerton

Founder of Womankind Health

Women’s Health & Prolapse Expert

I have 20 years experience as a physiotherapist, specializing in holistic women’s intimate and hormonal health.

Feminine Embodiment Coach

I am a feminine health coach with a specialism in embodiment practises and trauma healing.

Pelvic Yoga Medicine Practitioner

I practice as a yoga medicine teacher and continue to advocate for yoga as a complete system for feminine health and wellbeing.

Lois Bickerton

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The WomanKind Roadmap to Healing Pelvic and Sexual Pain


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