About Womankind Health

Empower, Embody, Empelvised

The Womankind Health Mission

To create a wave of women owning their bodies, healing from the inside out so that they can live and love in the ways that make them come alive.

3 Core Values

Giving women back the autonomy and sovereignty of their own bodies

Reconnect to presence in your own body to create the environment for healing

Engage in a ongoing dialogue with the rich emotional territory of your pelvis

The Womankind Journey

Pelvic Health Coach
As an integrative health coach, I took all my services online so I could reach more women around the world. I use an integrative approach of mindbody medicine, feminine health and embodiment coaching.

Experienced Physiotherapist
I have been a clinical physiotherapist for 20 years, with a distinctly holistic approach. I have practiced many modalities in the past, such a myofascial release, acupuncture and cranio-sacral techniques.

Embodied Movement Practitioner
Trained in pilates, yoga medicine and somatic movement, I use embodiment practises to facilitate deep healing and re-empowerment of body.

Physio, Mama, Yoga  Medicine

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