About Lois and How She Works

Hello I am Lois

This page is content heavy, but due to the field of my work it is important to understand the depth and extent of training that has gone into providing the services to women that I provide.

I work at the intersection of womens health physiotherapy, integrative health coaching, somatic embodiment and womb healing.

Experienced Physiotherapist

I have been a clinical physiotherapist for 20 years, with a distinctly holistic approach. I have practiced many modalities in the past, such as myofascial release, acupuncture and cranio-sacral techniques. I have a huge experience of clinical hands on therapeutic work. I no longer do hands-on work or work with a clinical approach however I will always collaborate with health care practitioners and have a referral network to refer you to if I feel it is necessary.

Embodied Movement Practitioner

I am trained in pilates, yoga medicine and somatic movement, I deeply know the importance of embodied movement practises to access the soma, and as a bottom up approach to trauma processing.

Holistic Pelvic Care

I am trained by Tami Lynn Kent in Holistic Pelvic Care so I am trained to work with the energetics of the female body and the pelvic bowl. This work is transformational and the future of feminine health and wellbeing.

Womb Awakening

Under the guidance of Azra and Seren Betrand I have journeyed the priestess path to healing and awakening my own womb. I have felt the transformational power of this process and found it to complement my holistic and embodied approach to the female pelvis. Womb awakening offers an opportunity to heal from ancestral and cultural oppression that lowers the vibrancy of the womb space and prevents a woman accessing her feminine power.

I work with a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to the female pelvis. I do not bypass anatomy, pathology, emotions, trauma or the tissues.

I believe in the magical intelligence of the body – its inherent bio-magic that has been denied and oppressed through patriachial systems.

I believe that connection to earth and nature to be the greatest medicine and healing.

My only role here is to guide you back into connection to your body and to help you to access your your own inner medicine for healing and awakening your feminine body.


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You Body Is A Sacred Vessel