Conscious Pelvic Care

Hello and Welcome To Conscious Pelvic Care

Before you read further, it is important for you to know that this is not the place for you if you are looking for one off appointments or quick fixes, this is not what I offer.

However, if you are a conscious woman looking for long term resolution to issues or questions related to the root of your body AND you are looking to take your pelvic care into your own hands, you are in the right place.

The reality is that most women have been offered minimal resources to support their pelvic care needs.

The most common experience for women’s pelvic care is of extremes, either a highly pathologized approach or one that is met with dismissal and unanswered questions.

I am not here to bad mouth what is happening in our healthcare services they do an incredible job based on an outdated system of health and wellbeing.

What I am here to offer is a DIFFERENT way.

I am here to say that there IS a different way.

Likely you have found your way here because you have been searching for a while or you have been referred by someone who has previously worked with me, this is how my business works.

After 20 years of working with a clinical approach, its been a journey of unlearning and relearning for me but I am deeply grateful to weave this past experience into a way that feels more in alignment to my deeper understanding of the body and in a way that serves my clients better.

You are not here for me to teach you more pelvic floor squeezes.

You are here for a deeper understanding of your female body.

Your body has been asking you to attend to it and here you are.

You are deeply welcome.

Its true, the pelvic bowl is a highly nuanced place, often viewed as complex, mysterious and problematic but the internal tissues and bones of the female pelvis are amazing, intelligent, intuitive and in deep communion with your nervous system.

My extensive learning and unlearning has landed me into the field of somatic therapy and feminine embodiment coaching and is why I created The Rooted Woman programme.

The Rooted Woman programme is a re-education and reclamation of your understanding and visceral experience of the pelvic bowl.

This is not a prescriptive step by step programme but a facilitated and supported journey back into the feminine pole of your body.

The programme contains a balance of learning lessons and simple but potent pelvic embodiment practises that will guide you back into connection and presence within the pelvic bowl.

These practises work at a physical, emotional and energetic level of the body and will help you find more ease, strength and vitality within the realm of the pelvic bowl.

This programme deeply considers anatomy, pathology and science but is not exclusive to it.

The Rooted Woman programme is a trauma informed and holistic approach.

Women who have previously worked in this programme have had resolution from bladder leakage, relief of prolapse symptoms, back pain relief, boosted libido, pelvic and sexual pain relief.

This is a profound journey back into your feminine Self.

If you are looking for conscious pelvic care and strategies for a lifetime of holistic feminine wellbeing, The Rooted Woman programme maybe for you.

This programme is a 6-month commitment to working with me.

There are 12 modules and each module has an integration time of 2 weeks.

There is always the invitation to work slower through these potent practises because the body responds to gentleness, kindness and consciousness.

Included in this programme are x 6 1:1 health coaching calls with Lois.

You get lifetime access to the programme content and a monthly group call.

Working with me requires an connection call to ensure that we are a good fit to work together, the work we do together is transformative and life-changing, we need to be in resonance with one another.

fully supported

Thank you for reading this far.

This is where it is time to tap into your body and feel into whether my offer is what your body is asking for.

If it is, I invite you to follow its call and to book a connection call.

This call will help me to understand where you are at in your pelvic journey and to establish if we will be a good fit to work together.

Your Body Is A Sacred Vessel