The Embodied Pelvis Mentoring Container

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An embodied approach to the female pelvis for feminine health and wellbeing with 12 core modules.

This programme is a bridging programme that brings science and spirit together into the practise of pelvic embodiment.

My works draws from many teachers and my own experience working with thousands of women.

This programme is for conscious birth workers, fitness professionals, yoga teachers and health professionals who desire to understand a somatic therapeutic approach to the female pelvis that does not bypass trauma, emotions or energetics.

It is for medicine keepers, womb priestesses and healers who desire a grounded reality of the female pelvis that does not bypass anatomy, pathology and tissues.

Thankfully science is catching up with spirituality and we have a booming awareness of the effects of trauma on the body. When I speak of spirituality, I speak of an awakening to body intelligence not of transcendence or ascension.

However, we are at a time on this planet where our societies, views and beliefs are polarised and fractured.

We find ourselves at different points in our continuum of consciousness, all are welcome and needed.

What I have begun to know is that empowered and embodied women are the future to healing our planet and creating a better world for our children.

It is my belief that every person on this planet needs to become deeply rooted in order to rise, expand and heal.

Our future is an embodied future, a future where we are embodied in the gifts of our womb space.

We are all walking each other home in different ways to the genius of our bodies.

The pelvis and the womb is the gateway to the rise of feminine consciousness.

Holistic and trauma informed pelvic care is the new feminine empowerment.

This mentoring programme will bring you up to date with conscious pelvic care and the transformational power of pelvic embodiment.

Through 1:1 mentoring it provides you with the opportunity to deep dive into any specific areas that you desire to uncover, unravel, unlearn or integrate.

Many people have requested a certification programme but due to the nature of the pelvis and the womb, it does not align to this structure.

I recently undertook some healing with the intent to begin decolonising my mind and a small part of what I learnt from Dr Rocio Rosales Meza is that the colonial mind desires certifications and it desires progress.

The colonised mind and body wants to intellectualise concepts but the pelvis and womb inherently desires to be decolonised so that it can be returned to its sacred vitality, therefore I am consciously not colluding with this and why I only offer mentoring.

Taking part in this mentorship programme requires you to integrate what you have learn from me within your own scope of practise and offerings.

In times gone by the magic and mystery of the female pelvis was studied in mystery schools and red tents, I wholeheartedly support the re-immergence of these.

This programme will provide you the key practises of pelvic embodiment and how they can support pathology and nuances of the female pelvis.

This programme will provide you with potent practises that can be integrated into your unique form of magic.

This programme will introduce you to trauma informed approach to the tissues, restorative practises for the pelvic floor and the energetics of the anatomical structures within the pelvic bowl.

You will get lifetime access to this evolving and developing programme alongside personal mentoring sessions with Lois.

If you in resonance with my words.

I invite you to book a connection call with me here.

 Your Body Is A Sacred Vessel