Bespoke 1:1 Executive Health Coaching

fully supported

1:1 health coaching for the professional woman, ready to own her health and her well-th by bringing her mind, body and soul into alignment.

Make more impact and income without depletion.

Lois’ Unique Approach

Lois is passionate about empowering women with the tools, techniques and embodiment strategies to heal and transform their bodies from the inside out so that they can set the stage for long term wealth in all aspects of their life.

She believes that health is real wealth.

She believes that most women do not know how good their body is designed to feel or how to unlock the personal power contained within their bodies.

“I offer women a truly holistic and feminine approach to their health and wellbeing.

I combine my expert knowledge in the female body to offer women an antidote to burnout, hormonal imbalance or issues related to the female reproductive system.

You deserve an empowered feminine body capable of optimal living.”

What coaching can help with

  • Physical and Emotional Burnout
  • Menopause Symptoms
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Autoimmune, Pain or Reproductive Issues

On our Chemistry Call

We discuss your journey

We discuss the steps you’ve already taken and why you’ve not gotten the results you want.

We discuss Expectations

Understand how this partnership will work, outline our mutual obligations, timelines and what success looks like for you.

We do a full-life assessment

We discuss your whole life, not just the symptoms, as part of my holistic whole woman framework

We make a safe, confidential space

As a practicing health coach, I will make you feel safe and ok about opening up on things that feel difficult to discuss with others.

We create a tailored plan

Get total clarity on the next best steps for you,
and how to best fit the programme into your life

We respect each others time and finances

We determine if this programme is a good fit for your life commitments and finances.

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