Womankind Whole Programme

womankind whole

A 6-month online programme for women who want a holistic whole body approach to the resolution of pelvic pain, sexual pain and pelvic floor dysfunction so that they can live and love in all parts of their life.

Womankind WHOLE Transforms Lives 

An easy, step-by-step roadmap to healing

Womankind Whole is delivered online in 12-modules. We focus on each module for 2 weeks, giving time for action to be taken and real changes noticed – ones that will last a lifetime.

Module 1: A Womans Coming Home
In this module we will get you started with all the initial body assessments as you start this pelvic healing journey.
Module 2: Breath Flow
Learn how the breath and the pelvic floor interact and a practise to integrate the breath into your pelvic healing.
Module 3: Pelvic Freedom
Learn to create freedom and ease in all your pelvic and vaginal tissues so you can optimise pelvic floor function and reduce symptoms
Module 4: Pelvic Activations
Learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor effectively and functionally
Module 5: Pelvic Flow
Create new movement through the pelvis to nourish joints and connective tissue
Module 6: Feminine Body Biomechanics
Create full body alignment for pelvic symmetry and alignment
Module 7: Nervous System Mastery
Learn how your nervous system state affects your pelvic floor and how to master regulation
Module 8: Inner Ecology
Learn About The Gut Pelvic Connection and How To Find Inner Ecology Balance Of Gut and Vaginal Microbiome
Module 9: Inner Harmony
The bowel and the pelvic floor are closely connected, learn everything there is to know
Module 10: Intelligent Rest

Understand and Implement Intelligent Rest To Relieve Your Symptoms and Create Deep Healing

Module 11: Sensual Intelligence

 Cultivate feminine energy and sensuality.

Module 12: Celebrating You

A celebration and reflection of everything you have changed and achieved

Bonus Module 1: Pain 101

The science of pain, joy and forming new neural patterns.

Bonus Module 2: Menstrual Power

Reconnect with your menstrual cycles and feminine rhythms to bring harmony to your life

A Fully Supported Experience

Be part of a strong community of women, like you, helping each other stay committed and accountable.

We gather bi-weekly for a group coaching call to check progress, celebrate our success and keep you moving towards your goal.

fully supported

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Helping Women Like You


Becca, 44

Lifelong period pain, heavy bleeding and disgust for my body completely transformed


Helen, 35

Lois gave me my life back.


Anna, 31

I wish I had met you years ago, then I wouldn’t have been through the destructive medical interventions that left me worse – all women need your wisdom.


Laura, 38

Years of medical investigations with no answers leaving me feeling betrayed, thank you for hearing me and giving me the freedom to live without surgery, that is priceless.


Lisa, 42

So many gynaecological traumas resulting in me rejecting my body – you showed me how to finally feel ease, function and most importantly deep love myself again xxx


Lucy, 40

I was told I had interstitial cystitis, but you taught me how to heal my body deeply


Rachel, 35

The burning pain has gone and I am ready to start trying for a baby.


Sarah, 55

My libido and my marriage is so much better thanks to you.


Rebecca, 52

You took me on a journey from body-hatred to body-love and now I can look forward to having intimate future relationships.


Catherine, 46

I don’t know what I would have done without you, your work has changed my life and my future.

Marie, 44

My husband and I are dancing around the sitting room, we would never have done that before.

Alex, 37

100% pain resolution after years of seeing various practitioners – I can’t believe it!

What to Expect On Our Clarity Call

We discuss your journey

We discuss the steps you’ve already taken and why you’ve not gotten the results you want.

We discuss Expectations

Understand how this partnership will work, outline our mutual obligations, timelines and what success looks like for you.

We do a full-life assessment

We discuss your whole life, not just the symptoms, as part of my holistic and whole woman healing framework

We make a safe, confidential space

As a practicing pelvic health coach, I will make you feel safe and ok about opening up on things that feel difficult to discuss with others.

We create a tailored plan

Get total clarity on the next best steps for you, and how to best fit the programme into your life

We respect each others time and finances.

We determine if this programme is a good fit for your life commitments and finances.

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An Investment In Your Lifelong Wellbeing

GBP £1450

Payment plans available

  • Lifetime access to online Womankind Whole Programme
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls over 6 months
  • Individually tailored step-by-step plan to resolve your symptoms
  • A supportive community of women to help you succeed


Lois you changed everything for me, not only relieving my pain but at the end of this programme I was ready to create more in my life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford this programme?

There is a cost to every kind of symptom resolution – whether it be money, time, frustration or even emotional distress.

What is the cost of doing nothing?

Consider how your symptoms affect your relationships. How you play with your children. How intimate you are with your partner. How you feel about yourself. How they influence your professional visibility at work.  

The cost of doing nothing is high, and the longer you leave it, the higher it is.

Compare it to the alternative

Continuing the bounce between GPs and consultants for months or years. Taking time away from life to attend appointments. Becoming reliant on medication, or considering invasive surgery. 

In contrast, the Womankind WHOLE programme offers a long-term cost effective way of resolving your symptoms and gives you the tools to make the changes last a lifetime.   

I’m really busy already, will I be able to fit this into my life?

This programme is designed for busy women, wo want to see results. It uses the power of small, potent daily practices that build upon one another each week. No lengthy webinar lectures, no academic reading materials – Just the stuff that gets you resolution, packaged in a convenient, accessible way. 

Do you accept everyone who applies?

No. I don’t accept everyone to this programme. My mission is to resolve your symptoms and I only accept people who I know this is the correct intervention for and who have the commitment to do the weekly action tasks. We also need to make sure we are a good fit, personally, so we can have a supportive, open, professional relationship